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Submitted on
August 8, 2012


5 (who?)

Birthday Competitions: Winners Decided!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 8, 2012, 8:59 PM

The Winners:

Shikamaru's Birthday Contest:

First Place: shikamaru birthday by TosshiOtaku by :icontosshiotaku:
Second Place: Love SickLove Sick
Shikamaru coughed violently and held his stomach tightly, in pain, hoping that he wouldn't lose the small bit of food he had managed to eat earlier. But try as he might, a disgusted feeling overtook him and her got up quickly and dashed to the bathroom as to not give the carpet a new, pukey pink, stain.
The young Nara held his head above the toilet and took deep, long breaths, begging that the feeling would be away. But it did not go away, it only became worse, and his body shook as he vomited the small amount of food in his stomach into the toilet. Shikamaru coughed and slowly sat down onto the cool floor below him. He groaned and leaned down slowly to rest his sweltering forehead against the cool tiles of the bathroom floor in an attempt to relieve his throbbing headache.
After resting for a few minutes, the Nara slowly sat himself up and dragged himself up from the floor with the help of the counter and the limited strength he had left. He then leaned over the sink slowly
by :iconkabakosa:
Third Place: Birthday hug by HaruChizu by :iconharuchizu:

Group's New Icon Contest:

Winner: HidaShikagroup icon 2 by namino-kun by :iconnamino-kun:

I will be alerting all the prize givers to contact all the winners about their prizes ASAP. Thank you to all the participated and donated prizes, you all made this a great event~! :heart:

The Two Birthdays

I know HidaShika Week ended a few weeks ago, but two more big events are coming up that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention, and this is the perfect time for another event. HidaShikaGroup's first birthday is on August 26th, and that is a very big milestone for me, considering how small of a fan base this pairing has. Also another important birthday is coming up again on September 22, and that's Shikamaru's (in fact last his last birthday was this group's first contest ^^) So I thought I'd throw an event together, merging both events into one of sorts. All participants from both competitions will receive this exclusive badge 1 Year of HidaShikaGroup Badge - Sample by Gingersnap87 that they are allowed to print out for personal use. No reselling or redistributing of this badge publicly online or otherwise (meaning do let other people have free access to his badge). This badge is also purchasable by anyone for 80:points: each. All points from purchase go back into the group as points to give out for prizes for future contests, as well as helping keep the group super.

Shikamaru's Birthday Contest


This theme is very easy and I'm leaving the interpretation up to all the participants. Simply draw or write an entry involving Shikamaru having his birthday celebrated. There is one condition to the theme, it must also have Hidan in it as well, but does not have to be limited to Shikamaru and Hidan, but I will not accept any other pairing than HidaShika. It can involve a surprise party, a planned party, gift giving, cake, or anything that involves the theme of birthdays.


1. You must be a member of this group to enter.
2. Must be 100% your art, and made specifically for this contest. That means, no manga or anime edits, no use of bases, and DEFINITELY no stealing of art that isn't yours! Entries can be digital, traditional, fanfics, or doujinshi/comics.
3. You may submit one entry per category...categories being fanart, fanfics, and doujinshi/comics. Submitting more entries increases your chances of winning, however, only one of your pieces may win a place.
4. All entries must be at least rated T, nothing mature. Meaning while there can be full on sex scenes here. I think you get the picture.
5. Please write in the artist's comments of your entry that your deviation is for this contest.
6. Submit your entries to the "Current Contests/Events" folder.
7. You have until the very end of September 22nd, meaning you have until 11:59pm Central Time to turn in your entry. I will not be extending the deadline, unless absolutely necessary.
8. Voting will take place by poll this time. The rule of no recruiting votes still stands (meaning you cannot ask ANYONE for votes), also entrants may vote, but to be fair, not for themselves.


First Place:

~ 3 month premium membership to dA, and a sculpty chibi head keychain charm of Shikamaru For Sale:Shikamaru Keychain by Gingersnap87 from :icongingersnap87:
~ Fanfic from :iconanimewiccan725:
~ One Shot Fanfic from :iconnomnomkakashi:

Second Place:

~ 1 month premium membership to dA from :icongingersnap87:
~ Fanfic from :iconbluryoutlines:
~ 1 chibi sketch of up to 3 characters from :iconsazukaxdeidara4ever:
~ One Shot Fanfic from :iconnomnomkakashi:

Third Place:

~ 300:points: from :icongingersnap87:
~ One Shot Fanfic from :iconnomnomkakashi:

(More prizes might be added, so if you want to donate a prize to this competition, please comment here with each prize you're willing to donate, and to which place winner.)

New Group Icon Contest:


To celebrate HidaShikaGroup's first birthday, which is on August 26th, I wanted to have a brand new group icon made that will be in use until the group's next birthday. I could have created an icon myself, but I wanted to let the members have a chance to participate and have their icon be the group's new icon.


1. You must be a member of the group to enter.
2. The size of the icon must adhere to dA's group icon allowances. Meaning the icon may only be 50 pixels in height, and 100 pixels in length. Also very important is that the icon be 30 kb or smaller. Any bigger in file size and dA will reject it.
3. Most important is that the icon have the words "HidaShikaGroup" on the icon, but having that alone will probably not win you this competition. You need to made it neat and interesting, so as to draw in more members. So I'd suggest also including Hidan and Shikamaru on the icon.
4. Unlike the last contest, you may use anime or manga images of Hidan and Shikamaru, or you can be really creative and make an icon from your own artwork (existing or new).
5. The icon can be stationary or animated. It can be images, art, or pixel art, but must adhere to the conditions above.
6. State in your artists comments that your icon is for our New Group Icon Contest, and give the group permission to use the icon should your entry win.
:new:7. You can use your own artwork, official anime or manga images, and you can only use the artwork of others if you ask them for their permission and they know what their artwork is going to be used for.
8. Submit your icon entry to the "Current Contests/Events" folder.
9. You have until the very end of September 22nd, meaning you have until 11:59pm Central Time to turn in your entry. I will not be extending the deadline.
10. For this contest, I will be the one picking which entry will be the group's new icon. I will be choosing based upon which one looks the most the neat and cleanest, but also makes an impact. I will not consider entries that do not follow the instructions above.
11. You may both enter the Shikamaru Birthday Contest as well as this one.


(there will only be one winner here)
~ Winning icon will be the group's new icon for one year.
~ 100 :points: from :icongingersnap87:
~ 50 :points: from :iconanimewiccan725:

(also comment if you want to donate a prize to the icon competition.)

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YokoKitsune13 Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ah i didnt win....but oh well it was a great contest!
Gingersnap87 Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad it was fun for you to participate in, we are currently doing our secret santa event if you want to sign up for it ^^
Heeeey, I came in second! :D
Yaaaay! This is great! ^___^

not bad for my first contest ever :3
Gingersnap87 Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First contest ever, huh? that's not bad at all~ ^^
TosshiOtaku Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yayayay! thnk u!!:iconloveloveplz:
Gingersnap87 Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^
My contest submission is still waiting for approval. I just want to make sure I'm doing all of this right. I've never done this before, heh.

So I submitted it to the "Current contests and event entries" this is right, right?
Gingersnap87 Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's in there now, one of the admin must've approved it, you did everything correctly. Thanks for participating and good luck~
Thank you! :)
I've really been looking forward to this! :D
Gingersnap87 Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me too, I can't wait to see the results~!
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